Kaleidoscope MusArt

I have been part of the Kaleidoscope MusArt Board of Directors since 2016. Kaleidoscope MusArt (kaleidoscopemusart.com) is a non-profit organization based in Miami, whose founders (Redi LlupaInesa Gegprifti, Akina Yura, Maria Sumareva, and Rodrigo Bussad) are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met.

Kaleidoscope MusArt focuses its activity in promoting classical music mainly through concerts that feature new, rarely-heard, and well-known repertoire. Besides helping young performers and composers, Kaleidoscope MusArt makes music accessible to people of all ages, serving the vast area of Miami (and not only) and cultivating appreciation of the role of the music in the modern society.

I have personally had the pleasure to play for some of the Kaleidoscope MusArt series, including one of the concerts of the U.S. tour with Italian bass singer Dario Russo, an international opera star.

Kaleidoscope MusArt has recently celebrated the 90th birthday of George Crumb through a series of events (Crumb’s Cosmos) dedicated to honoring the great American master. This was one of the two largest celebrations happening nationwide in 2019.