Steinway & Sons

I have played thousands of pianos in my life, and the ones of which I have a sharp memory are practically only Steinways.

A pianist knows very well that special feeling of having a piano that makes your fingers realize whatever your desire is. A feeling that makes you believe the piano is guiding you and is doing everything for you. No need to struggle to express your ideas, it’s all there, easy to bring up. Well, that’s a good Steinway, one of those I still remember I played at the Wiener Saal in Salzburg, or at De Doelen in Rotterdam, or at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, etc., etc.

I am proud to be a Steinway & Sons Educational Partner, a program specifically designed for piano instructors, giving them support, benefits and, opportunities. I also have established a close partnership with the Steinway Piano Gallery in Coral Gables for the Advanced Preparatory Piano Program at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami. This collaboration will last long, making our students benefit from the best pianos in the world.